We bring SME businesses and lenders in one marketplace to secure working capital and medium term financing


Business fills out a simple application form based on business needs


Lenders from our partner network bid on business’s financing request


Business chooses the best option from multiple lenders to proceed


Lender approves business financing request and proceed to funding


Business receives funding and makes repayments


SME businesses choose the best options

SME businesses are the backbone of our economy, and yet they have not been given the financing to grow. We are here to change that by giving the control back to SME businesses, and let lenders compete for their businesses.

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    One-stop Solution

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    Affordable Rates

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    Simple & Transparent Process

Lenders have access to many customers

Lenders have targeted access to thousands of potential customers in one marketplace, so lenders can focus on doing their best to serve SME customers effectively and promptly.

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    Incremental Businesses

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    High Customer Conversion

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    Nurturing Long-Term Relationships